February 7, 2023

A seven-year-old British girl who was killed by a police officer in a speedboat while on vacation in Albania was captured for the first time.

Gunada Avdia was playing at sea in the south of the country when the boat rammed and killed her around 2pm on Tuesday.

Police officer Arjan Tassi has since been arrested off-duty on suspicion of manslaughter.

The photos surfaced at the moment when the schoolgirl’s upset father, Pledar Avdia, reportedly confronted the policeman.

Pictures, posted online by former Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, show two men in swimming trunks clenching their arms as people try to separate them.

Speaking to local news outlets, Albanian national Avdia said: “I was taking a shower with my daughter near the shore, and I saw a white boat with two people on board.

“The boat is parked on the beach near a hotel and I saw a girl getting down from there.”

The father remembers how a woman and children got into the boat and set off again into a cordoned off area for swimmers.

He said, “She came in our direction, she came with infernal speed, and separated me from the girl.”

“I went underwater and the vehicle hit my daughter with the engine part, wounding her everywhere.”

Beslim Ahmat, the teacher who was on the beach on the day of the accident, recalls how Mr. Bledar came to him afterwards and said, “I should have died instead of her.”

In an influential Facebook post, he wrote: “Albanians are in mourning for Gonada and her family, while for you, [alleged] The killer of children and dreams there will be no grave.

“Justice for Gonada must be decided and it will be decided by the Albanian citizens.”

Junada’s uncle, Ismet Avdia, shared a photo of the girl when her death was announced on Facebook.

He wrote: “My friends, it is with deep sadness that we inform you of the death of our niece Junada Pledar Avdia, at the age of seven, from a tragic accident on the beach of Himara.”

An additional 15 police officers who were supposed to guard the water at the time of the accident were dismissed.

Police said Tassi was dropping off his family at Potam Beach when the accident occurred.

After his relatives disembarked, he put the boat back into the waters in the same area and hit Gonada while she was only 15 feet from shore.

The tragic incident sparked protests against police across the country, with demonstrators clashing with officers in the capital, Tirana, on Thursday.

Demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the interior minister, police chief and tourism minister following Gunada’s death.

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