December 7, 2022

During an interview that aired Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Wall Street Week” radio show, the Biden administration reportedly reacted to the reaction. opposing the legislation He and Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) proposed to strengthen ties with Taiwan and postpone a Planned missile test By saying, “Every time they encounter a bully, or the aggression of a bully, they become weak, which means you are being bullied more.

Graham said, [relevant remarks begin around 3:45] “This is Ukraine again. Me and some Democrats [was] Begging the Biden administration to punish Putin for the pre-invasion military buildup to tell him, if you try to get in, you’ll pay the price. We’ll hit you before you go in. We wanted more weapons to get into Ukraine before the invasion so that they were ready to fight. They took a different path. what or what [are] Bob Menendez and I try to do? We are trying to increase economic support for Taiwan. We’re trying to give them more weapons to deter China, and they’re undermining our bill. We have sanctions against China for cyber attacks on a democratic country called Taiwan. They are trying to ease a bill that would help Taiwan. They are stopping missile launches by the US military because they don’t want to provoke China. Every time they encounter bullying, and aggression from a bully, they become weak, which means you are being bullied more.”

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