September 25, 2022

After a five-day, 36-hole marathon on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Austin Graceer emerged as the Amateur Western Champion, by one, over Matteo Fernandez de Oliveira.

Gresser has played a lot in golf for the past two summers at Western, falling in the semi-finals last year to eventual champion Michael Thorbjornsen. This time around, there was no denying the heel diameter.

Fernandez de Oliveira got off to a hot start, going up a 2-through three holes after coming out of a green bunker in the third.

The Razorback was still 2-11, but that’s when it all started going the Greaser’s way.

Greaser won four holes in a row, starting with a long birdie kick that found the trophy from the back of the green in the twelfth.

Another jumper went down on the thirteenth, then Fernandez de Oliveira conceded jumper hits to Greaser on holes 14 and 15 after he got into trouble.

After carving out the jockey’s 16th half, both players took close shots at 10 feet deep at Bar-4 17.

Grisser was out Fernández de Oliveira, giving himself a shot of no more than five feet to win the match. The knockout caught the lip, but didn’t fall, and Fernandez de Oliveira took advantage of sending the bout to 18th.

Both players found the pass in the 18th minute, but after Fernandez de Oliveira shot his close in 12ft, Gresser went too far from the green and saw his ball in a deep rough state. Then he hit a superb shot, leaving himself only a few feet away, leaving Fernandez de Oliveira needing his flying hole to extend the match.

The knockout didn’t land on the Razorback, and Greaser cleaned up his level to capture the No. 120 for the Western Amateur.

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