January 30, 2023

MLB: Houston Astros at Cleveland Guardians

The Houston Astros have added soccer player Tre Mancini to the fold Before the August 2 trading deadline In a swap with the Baltimore Orioles. Mancini, to say the least, got his Houston career off to a strong start, and it’s a reminder of what he could mean for the Astros in the long run.

In his second game since the deal, he faced the Red Sox, then on Friday night in Cleveland, he deepened twice in a 9-3 win over the Guardians. Homer the first night helped him make a little history:

And his second Homer of the night was the first Grand Slam of his MLB career:

As of this writing, Mancini has had three hits as Astro, and all three of those hits were home runs. After a great performance Friday night, he’s now cutting .268/.345/.425 on the season. No, Mancini won’t continue to hit three home runs every eight in Houston, but he will be a consistent source of energy throughout the post-season. This is first and foremost because he is a very good hitter, and also because he would be much better in his new stadium.

You’ll remember that the Orioles pre-season adjusted the left field dimensions at Camden Yards. The new left field wall is about 30 feet from the main board than it was before, plus it’s five feet higher, According to estimates Baltimore Sun. While Mancini wields power across the board, he has been hit hard by those changes in Baltimore. He’s now in Houston, which has perhaps the most fitting left porch in all of MLB. Perhaps not coincidentally, Mancini has shown a more aggressive approach since the trade. Yes, the data sample is ridiculously small, but it’s worth watching to see if this trend continues.

We know Mancini has a lot of power. He has 35 Homer seasons to his credit, and after missing out on the whole of 2020, he turned 21 last year. His first season since winning his battle against colon cancer. Now that he’s on a home court that he’s not actively working against – and very likely to help out in a big way – you might see a peak return for Mancini.

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