August 8, 2022

  • Archie Battersby, 12, died after his parents lost the legal battle to keep him on life support.
  • He was found unconscious after strangling himself with a rope in a TikTok challenge.
  • His life support was removed at 5 AM ET today, and he died just over two hours later.

Archie Battersby died after his parents spent months battling hospitals, the UK Supreme Court,The European Court of Human Rights and the United Nationstrying to keep him on resuscitation equipment.

yesterday, The Supreme Court ruled That a twelve-year-old could be taken from a hospital in London to a hospice.

His mother said Archie died just two hours after being taken off life support.

“He had the drug taken off him. His stats remained stable even two hours later when they removed the ventilator,” said Archie’s sister-in-law, Ella Rose Carter, speaking outside the Royal London Hospital.

“There is absolutely nothing respectful about watching a family member or a child choke. Hopefully a family will not have to go through what we’ve been through. It’s barbaric.”

Also, while speaking outside the hospital, Archie’s mother said he was “a beautiful little boy and he fought to the end, and I am so proud to be his mother.”

Archie, a talented gymnast, was rushed to hospital from his Essex home on April 7 after his mother found him unconscious, hanging by his neck from a handrail at the family home after he was playing with his clothesline.

His mom, Holly Dance, thinks this was part of a serious TikTok challenge called Blackout Challengewhich eventually caused a catastrophic brain injury.

The little boy has been in the hospital, on resuscitation machines, since the accident.

Doctors ruled Archie’s brain death on June 13, but Dance did not agree with the decision, saying she felt Archie squeeze her hand.

She fought hard for the British court system to allow her son to be kept on life support, even taking the case to the United Nations, but doctors consistently decided it would not be in his best interest to keep him on a ventilator.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Center, which has been supporting the family’s cause, said: “Our thoughts, prayers and support are with the Archie family at this tragic moment.

“We will continue to support the family, as we have done all along, since they came to us after last minute legal action to remove Archie’s life support devices,” In the Guardian newspaper.

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