December 7, 2022

Nick Saban
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High standards for the Alabama Crimson Tide football program. For most teams, just making it to the National Championship is a huge success – but that’s certainly not the case in Tuscaloosa.

Last season, Alabama managed to reach the National Championship title before losing to the SEC competitor. Despite the loss, Alabama did not walk away empty-handed. The Crimson Tide took home an award for their efforts at College Football Playoff, but attacking streak man Emile Eguire Jr says it serves as only a reminder of what the team has failed to achieve.

At a recent press conferenceThe cup is on display in the team cafeteria, Ekeure said. In his view, this piece of gear is nothing more than an “engagement souvenir.”

“It’s hard to turn the page, you know?” Echo said. “Obviously it was a huge loss. We worked all year round to achieve that goal. Somehow, we still didn’t turn the page because it’s always in the back of our mind. I mean, in our cafeteria we got an engagement cup from the cafeteria sitting there. It’s an engagement award. But you didn’t do anything. You didn’t win. I wouldn’t say we turned the page completely. There’s always something outside motivating us, but that’s all I have to say.”

The team was kinder to this trophy than when they lost in the National Championship game a few years ago. A year after Alabama lost the National title to Clemson at the end of the 2016 season, strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochrane smashed that time in front of the players.

Alabama’s annual predictions are championship and even in the season his show won the SEC title and went to the title match, Saban said 2021 was the “year of rebuilding” for the program. If this is a rebuilding year, that’s bad news for the rest of college football.

Heading into 2022, Alabama is once again the favorite for the National Championship, but that doesn’t mean the roster is without questions. Barrett Sally from CBS Sports recently He divided some areas that Crimson Tide still needs to support in order to finish the job this fall.

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