December 7, 2022

Amy Renner is a 20-year-old college student and founder of the business that specializes in Charcuterie, Sophopped Spreads.

Amy Renner

Aimee Renner from Advanced Spread

Amy Renner

When Amy Renner She was a high school student who turned her childhood hobby of making cheese boards into Advanced spreadLtd., a Charcuterie Board company based in Southern California.

One college student told Insider that she now charges clients up to $25,000 to make huge plates for special occasions, including grazing tables, which are large spreads that cover entire work surfaces or dining tables with meat, cheese, fruit, nuts and other appetizers.

Through him, Rener has gained a large number of followers on her TikTok account sophiousspreads. More than 237,300 users follow her videos, some of which have garnered more than three million views.

Renner spoke with Insider to share her tips for what goes into a delicious spread — and what doesn’t.

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