December 7, 2022

Sam Mills’ widow’s letter, Melanie Mills:

“I’ve already heard a lot of stats, but today I want to talk to you about the humanity of one man. On the face of it, the Sam Mills story is the story of a man who was told he wasn’t good enough, good enough to play college football or he wasn’t old enough. Enough to play professional football. And at the age of 27, he wasn’t young enough for the NFL. However, here we are today, celebrating him. That’s because Sam has worked harder than his peers, took every opportunity, and became a legendary athlete.”

“From the Philadelphia Stars to the New Orleans Saints to the Carolina Panthers, if you work hard at anything, Sam will let you know that he appreciates your hard work. You can be a teammate, a coach, a soccer player, or a security guard. He would make you feel like Visible It’s no wonder that Sam inspired so many people or that the Panthers adopted his motto, “Keep on bombing.”

“He was emulated and people followed him. He was more than just a great footballer, he was a father, a friend, a husband. And a leader who always made up, no matter the odds. So thank you for this honor, for believing in Sam and for helping to keep Keep his story alive. Everyone, that’s what Sam wants you to do.”

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