August 17, 2022

Barcelona Management cure He plans a tough evacuation as eight players face a move before the new season.

no lega The Giants were spending money in the summer transfer window amid financial problems. So far, they’ve brought Andreas Christensen, Frank CaseyRobert LewandowskiAnd the Ravenha and Jules condi.

However, with the club coming under increasing financial pressure, daily mirror I mentioned it cure He must offload at least eight players from his first team in order to meet the regulations.

Currently, Barcelona has 33 players in its first team squad but they are only allowed to register 25 players with the authorities. With the club seemingly targeting more signings, an overall clearance is sorely needed.

So far, the club has changed the likes of Clement LengletAnd the Danny ElvisPhilip CoutinhoFrancisco TrinkauOscar Minguiza and recently Requi Puig.

while Adama traore And the look de mahjong They returned to their parent clubs when their loan deals expired.

A goal keeper neto He is likely to leave the club with speculation of an imminent transfer to newly promoted Bournemouth side to the Premier League.

with cure He’s looking forward to adding other defenders to his squad, Samuel’s Future Umtiti And the sergino destination More at risk, the pair is likely to seek a move elsewhere.

midfielders Miralem PjanicAlex Collado And the frinky de mahjong She faces an uncertain future at the club. Barcelona desperately needs to empty the Dutch de mahjong Because he is currently the highest earner in the club. Manchester United and Chelsea are still interested in 25-Year But the player himself does not want to leave.

Image Credit: Alami
Image Credit: Alami

he thinks that de mahjong Said and settled in Barcelona, ​​having previously described his move to the camp new Like “his dream is moving”. The midfielder was also asked to take out of his salary if he was to stay at the club, de mahjong I refused to do so until now.

Barcelona also hope that the Memphis strikers Debye Martin Braithwaite He will leave the club if suitable offers arise.

This week, it was reported that the future of Pierre America Aubameyang He could be in doubt after Chelsea approached.

In addition, the club will also have to reduce the overall wage bill by 160 million euros. The wage bill is currently 560 million euros, and should not be more than 400 million euros.

cure He now faces a race against time as he has been tasked with downsizing his team before the start of the 22/23 lega Next weekend campaign, against rayo Vallecano.

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