August 12, 2022

2022 SiriusXM All-Star Futures لعبة
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The prospect of Denzel Clark at Oakland Athletics isn’t in the majors yet, but he’s making history. Clark, It is currently ranked as the 15th potential A-Organization by a house inside the park in back-to-back games.

This is the first time in professional history that a player has achieved this feat in consecutive matches.

On Tuesday, Clark’s first rally inside the park came against the West Michigan Whitecaps. Clark hit the ball on the left field line and the player had trouble tracking the ball down. Clarke took the opportunity and ran all the way around the bases, hitting the pitch at the home plate.

Tuesday’s Homer was the Lugnuts’ first indoor race since the 2018 season. In addition, Clark also became the first Lugnuts player since Tim Locastro in 2015 to hit twice inside the park in the same season.

Then, only 24 hours later, Clark was able to repeat it again. This time, the potential player hit a ball that bounced off the wall and the players weren’t able to smash it again. Clark was able to cross the home plate without any off-court throws.

The 2021 fourth round selection kicks off the 2022 season at Oakland subsidiary Stockton Ports. However, Clarke was promoted to High-A Lugnuts in June and also played in the All-Star Futures Game at Dodgers Stadium in July.

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