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Virginia school district apologises for T-shirt logo resembling swastika

A school in Virginia has apologized for its T-shirt slogans that ended up causing controversy because they allegedly resembled a swastika.

Hanover County Schools Principal, Dr. Michael Gill, posted a statement on the official website saying: “We deeply regret this error and for the sentiments aroused by the logo by its resemblance to the swastika, and therefore, for the atrocities under its banner. Undoubtedly, we condemn anything linked to the Nazi regime in the strongest possible way.”

The logo on the T-shirts was designed by a teacher in Hannover.

“One of our teachers designed the logo which is intended to represent four hands and arms intertwined together – a symbol of unity in the district-wide professional learning conference. Nothing more.”

“While we are confident that the logo was created without any ill intent, we understand that this has deeply upset members of our staff and community who view the logo as a swastika. We have stopped distributing T-shirts containing the logo, and are working to remove it from all conference materials. “.

Mr. Gill continued: “As a school department, we are committed to inclusion and making sure that all students, faculty, staff and community members feel welcome, safe and secure in our schools… We truly regret this mistake and regret that it has distracted us from the wonderful work that is being done through This conference and throughout the school department, which will help us continue to support our long tradition of excellence by supporting all students and their unique needs.”

The Richmond Jewish Community Federation released a statement saying, “We appreciate this prompt response from Superintendent Michael Gill.”

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