August 8, 2022

The Washington Commanders are football’s most humiliated team thanks to the incredible incompetence of their owner Daniel Snyder. Even after finally leaving their elemental mascot name, the artists previously known as Washington soccer team They still struggle to do anything right.

So far this is out of season, a The House Committee concluded the investigation Snyder witnessed an attempt to discredit legitimate allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace with his own shadow investigation, attempted to intimidate witnesses with private investigators, and revenue was not reported to visiting teams. As Snyder claims He evaded the congressional summons by sailing his superyacht So it cannot be served.

On Friday, the leaders tried to win some goodwill among one of the league’s most enthusiastic fan bases by announcing a new seven-night cruise. Yes, a Caribbean cruise of the same crew owned by a man who sailed in international waters to avoid a congressional summons!

The cruise promises “trivia, karaoke, and dance” and time to meet the legends of the Washington soccer team. From the press release:

As part of the seven-night itinerary, guests will have the opportunity to participate in leaders-themed events and activities, including meet-and-greets, questions and answers, photo opportunities, trivia, karaoke, dance and more, all while enjoying the company of up to 30 Washington legends. Additional legends will be announced as the cruise’s departure date approaches.

“As an organisation, it is important to us to provide our fans with the best fan experience possible – whether that is in FedExField or across the Caribbean,” said Chief Partnership Officer for Leaders Ryan Moreland. “Having the best fans in football join the scores of players who have shaped the history of this organization in this unforgettable experience is fundamental to our mission to seek exciting and impactful partnerships, and we thank First Class Cruises for helping bring this unique experience to life for our fans.”

‘Team of Legends’ titles By Joe Tisman, Doug Williams, Dexter Manley, Jordan Reed and Santana Moss. But this buried the dead. Also coming on this fan journey is none other than world-famous boat party fanatic Fred Smoot!

Here’s an update on Smoot’s role in the famous Vikings “love boat” scandal For those not old enough to remember.

There is something incredibly prolific about going on a seven-day Caribbean cruise with Privilege Cannes Accused of sexual assault at the highest levels of the organization. The fact that the captains announced this right after Snyder sailed right on his private yacht to avoid a subpoena makes the matter even more bizarre and stigmatizing. The cruise ship used by Washington, Harmony of the Seas, also had her Major COVID outbreak earlier this year.

The whole thing Ranging between $2200 and $4000 for the whole cruise. What can go wrong?

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