August 8, 2022

Shuhei Ohtani
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The Los Angeles Angels have made history all season – not all that well – and it’s up again on Thursday afternoon. Hallos shook seven home runs in their loss to the Oakland Athletics, equaling the league’s major record for homeowners in a loss. They are the sixth team to lose seven times.

Shohei Ohtani (who else?) led the way with the two running away on his lands. Joe Adele, Mickey Monac, Kurt Suzuki, Jared Walsh and Taylor Ward are also gone. All seven home races were singles.

The Angels are the first team in history to score at least seven runs in a game, and each run comes on Homer solo. Only twice before had the team scored up to six runs in a game while hitting only solo hurdles. The A-team did it in 1991 and the Toronto Blue Jays did it in 2010.

Here are the other five teams that have lost seven games:

28 July 2021


white socks

DET 17 min 14

August 12, 2020

blue jays


MIA 14, TOR 10 in 10 strokes

25 June 2017

white socks

blue jays

TOR 10, CWS 8

August 8, 2004


red socks

BOS 11, DET 9

May 28, 1995


white socks

CWS 14, DET 12

This Angels season has now been marked by no-hitting (Reid Detmers on May 10), the Course (Walsh on June 11), Immaculate Inning (Detmers on July 31), a franchise record of 14 consecutive losses, four coaches (Joe Maddon, interim Phil Niven, plus Ray Montgomery and Bill Haselman while the others were serving suspensions) and now the most loss-making in MLB history. This remains the most honest tweet ever tweeted:

Thursday’s loss saw the Angels drop to 44-61 on the season. They are 23-50 since the start of the season 21-11. The Angels have not been in a post-season game since 2014 and haven’t won a post-season game since 2009.

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