August 8, 2022

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the legend of conservative and #1 radio talk shows The New York Times Best-selling author Michael Savage has been highly critical of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’s recent visit to Taiwan, saying the move has dangerously escalated tensions in Asia and around the world.

Josh Kaplan: Pelosi recently visited Taiwan, in historic evidence of US solidarity with the island nation. While there, the spokesperson met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. the trip fee Bipartisan support in Washington. This move angered China. The communist government repeatedly condemned him and issued a series of threats. Moreover, Beijing flew planes and launched missiles near Taiwan in what is going on describe it As its “largest maneuver in the Taiwan Strait,” according to Reuters. What do you think of Pelosi’s visit?

Michael save: It makes sense to ask the question: Do we need this confrontation now? Answer: Of course not. Who wins? The arms lobby and the military-industrial complex. We know that missiles are flying now and a naval blockade is coming. What has Pelosi achieved with this other than bragging about being a provocateur and causing havoc again? They are disruptive to peace – both domestically and internationally. It is a threat to the stability of the world. It was completely unnecessary now. I an interview Pelosi in 1998 because I’ve lived for a long time in the Bay Area and she’s a congressman here. She was on the right side of things in 1998 for being a supporter of Taiwan. You attended my program and spoke about China’s violations of human rights. It was actually a good interview. This provocation at this time was not necessary. She could have gone there quietly, telling Taiwan we are on their side, but she didn’t. She has arrogance. Let’s hope she didn’t fly too close to the sun this time.

Josh Kaplan: If you had to take a crystal ball, what does the future hold for US-China relations and Taiwan security in the wake of Pelosi’s visit?

Michael save: CCP [Chinese Communist Party] They are playing the long game and doing nothing now. Sure, they’ll be beating the war drums, but they probably aren’t doing much now. but, [Chinese dictator] Shi had put his prestige on the line, he had been challenged. He will not allow himself to lose face. It will do something, but it won’t be instant. They will wait for what they think is the right time and do something completely unexpected. Anyone guess what it will be. If I had to take out a crystal ball, they would probably take one of the small, disputed islands in and around the Taiwan Strait. They will not invade Taiwan now. They don’t need to because, basically, they can wait for it to be over. They will wait and see what happens in America’s midterm elections. And if, as we all hope, there is a Republican sweep, and China fears a strong Republican president will emerge after anyone who replaces Biden, I think we can safely assume that China will make a move in Taiwan. But it won’t be now.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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