October 3, 2022

MSNBC’s Micah Brzezinski said on “Morning Joe” Friday that Republican core values ​​are “distasteful” because they represent rapists and racists.

Brzezinski said, “Pull 20,000 feet, Jonathan Lemer. I say this without exaggeration. That’s just the truth. The core values ​​of the Republicans are abhorrent. They represent the rapists. and election deniers. Meanwhile, Democrats are working to pass the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Co-host Jonathan Lemmer said, “While we talk about Trumpism and the Big Lie, and how he controls a large portion of the Republican Party, we know the Arizona candidates we discussed, who all suggested defeating Trump was erratic, that he actually won. Some votes in the party stood for him, Liz Cheney, her father, and there were a few members of Congress who voted to impeach him.”

Princeton professor Eddie Leather Jr. said, “What we do know is that the problem is not just Donald Trump. He goes all the way. We see this idea that loyalty to a party opposed to the country is actually a threat to democracy, as is the ego and authoritarian nature of these cynical politicians trying to Exploiting hate. It cuts deeper. We have to move beyond the melodramatic people who are supposed to be evil doers and see something that is actually more distracting, more subtle in our politics. It’s clear to me.”

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