August 17, 2022

Pro-Joe Lombardo Super PAC is dropping a political bombshell on current Nevada Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak with a plan to erect hundreds of billboards across the state linking him to President Joe Biden’s failed economic policies.

With less than 100 days before the general election in November, Better Nevada PAC has started rolling out 20 digital billboard spots in Las Vegas, five Digital billboard placements on Reno and 650 billboards from four in eight across the state, Breitbart News exclusively learned Thursday. Billboards link Sisolak and Biden, calling them a “dream team,” and suggesting that Nevadan has been facing high inflation for 40 years.

Best Nevada Buck

big Better Nevada PAC consultant Andy Surabian told Breitbart News that the Silver Country is ready for Trump’s leadership. Former Clark County Mayor Lombardo, added that “left-wing policies wrecked our economy.”

Best Nevada Buck

“Sisulak Biden’s agenda of higher taxes, reckless spending and more regulations has provided nothing but fewer jobs and less prosperity for most of Nevadan. Their left-wing policies have wrecked our economy, brought record inflation and pushed us to the brink of recession.” Surabian said.

“Nevadan is sick and tired of having a governor like Sisolak who constantly puts Biden’s radical left agenda before what’s best for Nevada. That’s why Nevadan is ready to elect a real political outsider like Joe Lombardo in November, to clean up the mess he’s created.” Sisolak and Biden”.

Best Nevada Buck

Super PAC launches a six-figure offensive tackle in what appears to be a neck-and-neck race. Nevada Democrats are particularly at risk in this election, with Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (Democrat for Nevada) and Sisolak both re-elected. Democrats nationwide are trying to distance themselves from President Joe Biden, as his scrambling agenda makes him and those around him increasingly unpopular.

The latest poll put Lombardo and Sisolak in a statistical tie, 44 percent to 46 percent. In June, after the state primaries, polls showed Lombardo with a 48 percent to 47 percent lead over the incumbent. Polls also show Lombardo leading with Hispanic voters, by 44 percent to 42 percent, which is significant because nearly 30 percent of the state’s population is Hispanic/Latino. Hispanic voters in the state are also more likely to have it For former President Donald Trump by 19 percent.

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