August 16, 2022

Last night didn’t go as planned. What I thought was going to happen was I was watching the first few minutes of the Hall of Fame, getting bored, and then finding something else to watch. Instead, the weather delay changed everything. Instead of watching the start of the game, I watched the last 10 minutes of the fourth quarter.

When I played the game, Las Vegas led 20-3, and playing under 30.5 seemed safe. Then the Raiders went on a quick downhill flight to make the score 27-3. Soon, the Jaguars—who did nothing to attack all night—led 86 yards in nine plays to score a pointless touchdown for a kill under.

One NFL game is over, and we’ve already had our first painful loss of the season. Well, it’s better to get it out early, right?

Well, the NFL is back last night and the Premier League is back this weekend. Along with a couple of MLB players tonight, I have football picks to share to get you the whole weekend. Let’s hope we avoid more painful losses.

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🔥 Hot Ticket

Padres at the Dodgers, 10:10 p.m. | Television: MLB . Network

Latest possibilities:

Muhammad Ali Salem -160

  • main trendThe Dodgers have won 40 of the last 55 games at Dodger Stadium.
  • Pickaxe: Dodgers (-160)

When the Padres were traded for Juan Soto and everyone else on deadline, they did so knowing they were not going to win the NL West title this season. It’s not impossible, but with the Dodgers leading 12.5 games, they had to play like the worst team in baseball for that to happen. No, Padres made the moves because they knew the road through the National League to the World Championship would go through the Dodgers.

Tonight we’ll get our first glimpse. While it’s hard to argue that adding a player like Soto (and others selected by San Diego) doesn’t make the Padres much better than they used to be, I still think the Dodgers are the better team. Also, the moves have an overestimation of the value of the Padres in the market.

Tony Gonsulin isn’t a household name, but he’s been one of the best shooters in baseball this season. He has excellent control, misses the bat and avoids difficult contact. Padres sends Sean Manaea into the hill, and while he hits more hitters than Gonsolin, he also walks a lot, misses fewer bats and tends to give up the long ball. That’s not great news considering the Dodgers have a wRC+ of 117 against the left (5th in MLB), a WOBA of .333 (5th) and a home run rate of 3.44% (5th).

The Padres have improved a lot, but they are not likely to matter much tonight.

Here’s what SportsLine has to say about the game: Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks you should shoot the Dodgers tonight.

💰 Snapshots



Red Sox at Royals, 8:10 p.m. | TV: ESPN +

Latest possibilities:

more than 9

Pickaxe: more than 9 (-120) – Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City is one of many parks in baseball that play differently depending on the weather. In general, it consistently proves to be one of the most difficult parks for Homer’s existence (only the Comerica park is the most difficult). But that all changes during the summer when the city of fountains begins baking in the sun.

As KC warms up, balls fly, and tonight’s forecast calls for a ’90s temp. This is great news for us because the shooting match has players who can’t miss bats. Josh Winckowski of Boston has an ERA of 5.00 in nine starts and a strike rate of 14.1%. The Kansas City veteran Zach Greinke has a strike rate of just under 13.4%. The balls will be put into play tonight, and when that’s done, they’ll travel long distances. Runners will run around the bases. Points will be scored. We will issue tickets.

main direction: He finished 14-5-2 in his last 21 matches at Kauffman Stadium.

⚽ Football

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Bournemouth vs Aston Villa, Saturday, 10am | TV: peacock
Selection: Aston Villa (+104) –
Some sports books offer odds on the first coach to be sent off, and Bournemouth’s Scott Parker might be worth the bet. Parker has helped bring Bournemouth back to the Premier League after failing to keep Fulham ahead two seasons ago, but he is not happy with the way the summer has gone for the club as they prepare for the Premier League. In short, Parker doesn’t think Bournemouth have nearly the talent and depth they need to survive a season in the league and hold their place. Usually, the manager says “we’re not good enough” before the season starts, things don’t go well.

Meanwhile, Aston Villa continued to strengthen their squad over the summer, scoring an early goal to satisfy serious midfield needs (Bobaker Camara) and raise the bar for centre-back (Diego Carlos). Philippe Coutinho is also back after a semi-successful loan spell last year, and coach Steven Gerrard plans to battle for a place in Europe this season. Perhaps asking too much, but Villa finished ninth in the league last year if you only look at the standings after Gerrard took charge of Dean Smith in December. While Europe may be a distant dream, three points against Bournemouth in the opening weekend are not.

Newcastle United vs. Nottingham Forest, Saturday, 10 a.m. | TV: peacock
Selection: Newcastle (-150) –
We have a bit of a topic: betting on middle-tier clubs with bigger ambitions facing the newly promoted teams in the opening week. Newcastle did not have the summer as their fans had hoped. Not only did all the new money from the new owners immediately result in a stream of stars to northern England to join the Toon Army, but it is a team that has improved a lot from where it was a year ago and should get off to a good start.

Nottingham Forest is a club with a lot of history, but this will be their first Premier League game since 1999. Forest has spent a lot this summer trying to ensure they stay for a while, but for the most part, this is a brand new team who have won promotion from championship. It’s possible that a few pre-season friendlies won’t be enough for the team to be successful, and I can see Forrest’s start is slow. That includes a potential home loss to Newcastle to start the new era.

Manchester United vs Brighton, Sunday, 9am | TV: peacock
Choice: Brighton or Draw (+135) –
Why do I feel like we are going to lose Manchester United so much this season? As you’d expect from United, it’s been a mess off the season. While I would love to hire Eric Ten Hag, he has a lot of work to do in order to take United to where United thinks it should be, and it will take more than one summer to get it done. Throw in all the off-pitch drama about Cristiano Ronaldo who doesn’t want to be there anymore (much for a happy reunion), and there is already a host of drama and turmoil surrounding the club.

Then there is Brighton. Reliable and tough Brighton. The team is without any stars but one of them is led by a good coach in Graham Potter with a clear vision. The club benefits from its team a lot more than it should. Honestly, these teams are mirror images of each other. United is full of stars that let you down, and Brighton is made up of a group of people who constantly surprise you. I’d be more surprised if Brighton didn’t get more results than if she did.

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