August 12, 2022

The metaverse merges the physical and virtual worlds to give us a decentralized gaming experience that gets attention quickly. If you are a gamer, you must have noticed the influx of new game projects embarking on their journey with token sales and NFT offerings. In this highly competitive environment, it is difficult to decide which ones are worth paying attention to.

I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of new and emerging Metaverse crypto projects that have the potential to deliver a great gaming experience this year.

Top 5 Metaverse Games of 2022

A Closer Look: The Most Important Metaverse Projects of 2022

Let’s analyze the key features of the top metaverse projects mentioned above, including theme, game mechanics, crypto economics, reward structure, and market relevance. This will explain why they made our list!

nature spirits

The metaverse clearly has huge potential. Tech giants in various fields are experimenting with this new technology that is full of opportunities. While most of the research and development revolves around socialization, interaction and entertainment, Souls of Nature takes it to a higher level. Even better, it gives a new direction to the ongoing reverse movement.

Souls of Nature is one of the leading gaming media to integrate a social mission into immersive, descriptive experiences to reach and impact on a larger scale. The project contains a collection of 9,271 spirit animal NFT games in progress that will give users access to an exciting virtual world. Interestingly, a share of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to protect endangered wildlife around the world. The goal is to demonstrate that the web3-powered metaverse can enhance the voice of environmental initiatives.

Souls of Nature is the first immersive metaverse project from Metazooie Studios, an acclaimed team of Mexico-based gamers with over a decade of experience. They use the best game technologies and tools to build the spirit of nature, including the world’s most open and advanced 3D creation tools such as Epic Games and Unreal Engine.

Clearly, the market doesn’t need another quick fix metaverse. We already have a lot of them to demonize crypto-games among traditional players. If NFT games are to gain public attention, they must shift their focus from speculation to quality and mechanics. From what we can tell from the White Book, the spirits of nature have the power to deliver that. It integrates realistic rendering, dynamic physics, life-like effects and animations, among other interesting features, to deliver a cutting edge gaming experience.

Let’s discuss the most interesting aspect of the game now, which makes it one of the best metaverse games we are looking forward to – Theme. The spirits of nature take us back to our origins in the spirit world. You are reborn as a little cub here. While the NFT defines who you are, the game shapes and defines the evolution of your animal spirit. As you make your way through the metaverse to complete every mission, danger, and challenging mission, you unlock a fraction of your soul. Oh, and playing comes with rewards, too. It is paid in ZOOIE token in US dollars. More details about the $ZOOIE economy and reward structure will be revealed in the next stages. It is scheduled to be launched in the last quarter of 2022.

Nature Soul NFTs, your identity in the HD metaverse, will be launched in the third quarter of 2022. The long-awaited official release of Genesis episodes will soon follow in the first quarter of 2023.

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Decentraland is one of the fastest growing metaverses out there. It is also the first virtual reality platform that has been central to driving the metaverse revolution. Today, Decentraland is a great virtual real estate marketplace that includes many global celebrities and brands. The decentralized blockchain platform is built on Ethereum. We believe Decentraland has huge growth potential this year if it keeps pace with its development and marketing goals. Let’s take a quick look at why Decentraland is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency economy.

In essence, Decentraland is a blockchain-based parcel ledger. The virtual world economy attempts to simulate real world economies through commercial activities. For example, you can buy plots of land with tokens in Decentraland. As the metaverse grows, the value of these plots of land increases, making it an ideal investment. but that is not all. You can also monetize your plots of land in many different ways. For example, by creating games, hosting concerts, or launching fashion shows. If you don’t have the skills or resources to create experiences, you can choose the easy method instead. That is, you lease your land to content creators and other companies.

MANA acts as a utility token for the Decentraland ecosystem. It’s selling for less than $0.75 now. So, if you have been dreaming of buying a plot of land in Decentraland, this is the time for you. As one of the leading metaverse projects to change the trajectory of the industry, we expect the project to remain in the spotlight in the coming years.

world of peace

Next on our list of the best metaverse games of 2022 is, a highly customizable virtual world that features advanced voice, video, and chat integration. Here, you can create life-like avatars using features like 3D face scanning, exploration of a heterogeneous virtual world, and trading NFTs. Create and monetize your own worlds with $PAXW, the original token of the ecosystem. focuses on providing rich and interactive experiences that bring socialization, education and commerce into the virtual world. The performance-optimized virtual world was built with the Unity 3D game engine to display life-like 3D avatars, low hardware requirements, HD video, and audio streaming. The goal is to bring more people to the Metaverse region and make it an accessible, democratic place for everyone. It will break down the geographical and financial barriers that limit the opportunities of the Internet today.

To give you more perspective, will feature NFT art galleries where emerging and established artists can publish their work. Since the cost of running an NFT gallery is much lower than the cost of real world galleries, it will bring more artists to it. Also, it will feature an interactive experience. The same extends to educational and business centers hosted on the platform. distributes social rewards, creative rewards, and DAO rewards to participants based on the nature of their interaction.


Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper that aims to become a central hub for cryptographic information, immersive content, and 3 web experiences. It consists of 21 levels in honor of 21 million bitcoins. Token holders in the Bloktopia ecosystem are referred to as Bloktopians. They can monetize the platform by owning real estate, advertising, playing games, building networks, and much more. It uses the advanced real-time 3D creation engine and blockchain technology to build an amazing metaverse.

There are multiple sources of income in Bloktopia. The first is real estate. Plots with tokens will be available for anyone to purchase and trade. You can use them to generate income through passive earning, foreclosure, and advertising. The virtual world will be a place for relaxation, socialization, fun and competition. This means that you can play games and experience immersive content in exchange for exciting rewards. There will also be scenes, artwork, and challenges that you can take part in to win prizes.


We conclude this list with Illuvium, an open world metaverse that offers an NFT creature collector and robot fighting game. This graphic-rich sci-fi adventure based on the Ethereum Blockchain is slated to release on PC and Mac in 2022. Here, you are on a mission to conquer the wilderness to help your crew who have landed on Earth thrive in exchange for exciting rewards. The game is being built on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be released on PC and Mac in 2022. It is one of the most anticipated upcoming metaverse projects.

Elluvium is divided into seven peculiar landscapes that are home to catastrophic events that devastated Elluvium. The engaging sci-fi theme is expected to be on par with traditional games, with plenty of opportunities to discover, hunt and capture deadly monsters called Illuvials. As a player, you need to train them and build your team, which will ultimately determine your success. Bonuses on the platform are paid in ILV currency. In addition to playing the regular game, you can earn ILV tokens in many different ways, which include completing PVE missions, securing special achievements, and winning prizes in competitions and tournaments.


In this article, we’ve taken a detailed look at some of the best metaverse games of 2022. While all of these projects excel in their own unique ways, Souls of Nature stands out with a social mission. A portion of the pool of seed funding is earmarked for protecting endangered wildlife around the world. As the Web 3 industry shifts to a greener path, the project’s relevance appears even more. Souls of Nature continues to prove that blockchain and NFTs can be used to heal nature.

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