August 16, 2022

Top Cryptocurrency ExchangeLBank has given its various communities around the world a month to remember. Through a range of activities, the trading platform has kept its interest, interaction and most importantly educational for its users.

In addition, the exchange supported many charitable projects that helped the less fortunate in different regions.

While the month was full of activity, LBank Labs, the investment division of LBank, was working hard, identifying new businesses to incubate.

It also hosted a “fintech meet” at the end of the month, where all emerging experts attended to discuss cryptocurrency regulation and the next generation of innovative financial solutions.

Without exception, this month’s globalization and inclusion campaigns have been felt for the best stock exchange in India, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia and many other regions.

India event in four cities presented by LBank: The LBank Show

The LBank Roadshow in India

LBank’s presentation, a critically acclaimed cryptocurrency education tour that took the LBank team to visit Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai, was the most amazing.

Attendees included well-meaning coaches, analysts, fans, founders, and coding professionals working in the Web3 space.

Most of all, the event was jointly organized by Encryptus, Azadi Records and LBank Labs.

Meanwhile, the performers of Azadi Records raised the night with their enthusiastic voices during subsequent concerts.

People had the opportunity to learn more about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency during the meeting. For many of the participants, it was a great experience as it was truly “the first Indian crypto show that puts users to the core”.

LBank Crypto Turkey Summer Festival

LBank Summer Meeting in Turkey

LBank hosted Turkey’s most diverse blockchain event, a 4-day festive gathering in Izmir, Fukazmir and Foca, to celebrate the start of summer for the Turkish community.

Hundreds of students from various universities, ecosystem builders and influencers participated. Many of them had the opportunity to connect with blockchain professionals, developers, and crypto enthusiasts.

Everyone had a great time with a list of events that included a yoga session, presentations on blockchain entrepreneurship, metaverse and Web3 learning seminar, festival of colors and great parties.

LBank Masterclass in Nigeria

Furthermore, the African team implemented coded learning at their community level, an endeavor that was successful. They have also conducted several AMAs (ask me anything) and master classes on “simplified cryptocurrency trading” for both experienced and new traders in a number of cities across the country.

Likewise, the winners of the “Crypto Accelerator Program”, an initiative between LBank and the Kenyan Project Studio – Adanian Labs announced. Currently, seventeen blockchain projects are undergoing training.

In general, each region experienced a flurry of activity during the first month of the third quarter. Moreover, the next month should be filled with more notable events and developments.

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