August 12, 2022


The New York Jets have an intriguing debutante personality with an even more interesting nickname. Ahmed Gardner, nicknamed “The Thieves”, was named fourth overall in the 2022 NFL Draft and is expected to make an immediate impact on Robert Saleh’s defense. “Sauce” is a great athlete who doesn’t lack confidence, but his new teammates aren’t accepting his title just yet.

During an interview with the NFL Network, veteran Jets streak player CJ Mosley said Gardner should earn his title at the next level.

“We told him if he gets a couple of nuts in pre-season, we might give him the sauce,” Mosley said. via “And you have to be against the Ones too, so no backup 2, 3 seconds, all of that. We’ll probably start calling him sauce when he’s doing a big job in the regular season.”

For now, Gardner is going by “AG” – something Saleh calls the coach too.

“He has a mindset and a chip on his shoulder. I’ve never seen a newbie talk so much about trash, but he’s good,” Saleh said. “He’s an interesting young man. I like what he is mentally like. He still has a long way to go in terms of understanding the game and all that stuff, but he’s a sponge and he takes it all in.”

Gardner was unanimous as the 2021 AAC Defensive Player of the Year, and it shouldn’t take long for him to “earn” his title. In fact, he loves a challenge, saying he “would have it no other way”.

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