August 16, 2022

Canon’s recent launch of the Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10 mid-range camera was great news for those of us who can’t afford full-frame flagships – and it looks like the giant camera could follow up with another model at an attractive price. .

Trusted Canon rumors (Opens in a new tab) It claimed that “the new Canon RF-mount camera is in the field” and will be announced “before November 2022”. Like Canon’s two latest releases, the camera will apparently be another APS-C model and will be a “compact camcorder” that will likely rival the new Nikon Z30. This means that it could also be the long-rumored Canon EOS R100.

Cameras with APS-C sensors are usually more expensive than their full-frame counterparts. So the launch of a third such RF-mount camera – after the Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10 – would confirm a major shift in Canon’s strategy. And also very welcome in today’s challenging financial climate.

Canon EOS R7 camera on a rock next to two lenses

Canon EOS R7 with two RF-S lenses announced by the camera giant (so far) (Image credit: Canon)

Even if you’re not in the market for a camcorder, the arrival of another APS-C model would be a good sign for affordable Canon cameras. As this Canon EOS R7 review makes clear, one of the few issues with the camera is its lack of original lenses. At the moment, there are only two RF-S lenses, the 18-150mm and the 18-45mm.

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