September 25, 2022

Senator Roger Marshall (R-K) said on Thursday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” that it is unreasonable and “hypocritical” to support increased spending on “corporate welfare” in CHIPS to try to bring back quasi-chip manufacturers. conductors to the United States and then subsidize tax increases on other manufacturers in the settlement bill that will push them abroad.

It’s just in their DNA, Marshall said, “They like to spend money, they like to borrow money, and they like to drive inflation. That’s what Democrats do. But you’re right, this particular law is going to drive inflation and kill jobs. Look, companies don’t pay taxes. They collect taxes”.

He added that CHIPS “is the welfare of companies. Why give them a big break, and some very successful industries a big break? Then we turn around and tax other manufacturers. Therefore, we will drive companies abroad. I just think it’s hypocrisy. I think it’s bad for the economy. Look, we need the resources and industrialization back into this country, not kick it out. I thought there was too much pork in the bill, and it wouldn’t work out.”

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