August 16, 2022


Fans had to wait a little longer before seeing the official start of the 2022 NFL season. “Reverse” weather has caused the start of the Pro Football Hall of Fame game to be postponed from the original 8 p.m. EST. The match is scheduled to start at 8:40 pm

Thunder and torrential rain began hitting the Tom Benson Hall of Fame shortly before kick-off. But by around 8:20 the storm began to dissipate causing players to return to the field. Fans also returned to their seats after being asked to reach the shelter.

The sun also reappeared shortly after players resumed their pre-match stretch, creating a picturesque backdrop.

Thursday marked the first time Derek Carr and Davante Adams went through teammates at the NFL level. The duo enjoyed a successful partnership during their time together in Fresno.

Thursday night’s game is homecoming for Josh McDaniels, who played high school football on the field where he will lead his first game as Raiders head coach.

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