August 17, 2022

Google search is seeing a slight improvement for people who type double quotes when placing queries. After evaluating user reviews, the tech giant said it’s typing bold text into Google Search with words or phrases that a person puts in quotes, according to Blog post Thursday.

Specifically, excerpts, the lines of text that appear below the search result, will now display part of the article directly in the search, with the specific quoted word or phrase written in bold.

For example, if someone searches for “Galaxy Z Fold 4In quotes, Google will display results with that specific phrase in bold, showing where it appears in the article. This can make searching faster for users, as they can see if relevant information they’re looking for is in the article before they click He. She.

Google quotes in search

If your Google search includes quoted text, the result will be in bold.

The Google

Google said it hasn’t always done this in the past, since the phrase a person might be searching for can appear in the page listing. For some, a snippet of the menu button may not be helpful.

Bolding is only available for desktop users. Google did not say if or when quoted queries in bold will come to mobile.

When Google was asked to comment, it referenced its own blog post.

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