August 8, 2022

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Ken Velasquez pleaded not guilty in Friday’s attempted murder case in Santa Clara, California. The former UFC heavyweight champion is charged with attempted murder and 10 other counts related to a gun.

Marc Geragos, Velasquez’s lawyer, confirmed the news to ESPN. Velasquez allegedly fired shots at a car carrying Harry Gularte, his mother, Patricia, and his stepfather, Paul Bender. Velazquez is allegedly a repellent He targeted Golarti, accused of molesting a young relative of Velasquez. The mixed martial artist allegedly hit Bender with his fire.

Prosecutors will not call Gularte to testify at a pre-trial hearing on September 26, according to Giragos. The lawyer argued that Golarti should appear in court because he is the alleged victim of the attempted murder charge. An August 29 hearing will discuss the value of having Golarty as a witness. If convicted on all charges, Velasquez could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for life.

“They are desperately trying to escape from the fact that the system failed Cain,” Geragos said. “They don’t want to get into that. They want to try a case detached from reality.”

A relative of Velasquez told police that Goularte took them to the restroom at a daycare center and touched their genitals, according to a court document obtained by ESPN. Gularti allegedly asked the child not to tell anyone. The situation may have happened “100 times”. The child allegedly witnessed Gularti go to the bathroom with other children as well.

Goulart was released on February 25 without bail. He was arrested for committing a lewd or lewd act with a child under the age of 14. Patricia. The Velasquez family has filed a neglect and sexual violence lawsuit against Gularte, Patricia, and Bender.

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