February 6, 2023

Sarasota School Board Vice President Tom Edwards this week proudly boasted of having school board members who “wake up” and “work from within” to indoctrinate children, and made these remarks before the August 23 primary, when voters have a chance to turn over. School board in favor of governors loyal to parents and students.

“over here in The condition From Florida, tHere are the school board members who woke up,” Edwards said, speaking at the Support Our Schools event on Wednesday, proudly.

“We’re here. We’re working on your back. You should know we’re having your back,” he continued, boasting about how the school board members’ awakened “from the inside” are working to advance these radical left agendas.

“And we work in the best strategic place because we are on the inside or we work from the inside. From my point of view, I didn’t spend a full two years gaining credibility and gaining trust. This is a long and slow process. But I am not the only one in Florida,” Edwards continued, emphasizing that there are alliances “formed.” for protection.”

He continued, apparently bemoaning that too many teachers, administrators, and “the machinery” had accepted all the pro-student and pro-parent standards espoused by the DeSantis administration. However, he said school board members like him “don’t accept” anymore:

These comments were made in the community forum, which was describe it As an event featuring education professionals providing “an overview of the new curriculum that clearly seeks to whitewash our history”.

Supported by DeSantis School board member Bridget Ziegler, wife of Florida GOP Vice President Christian Ziegler, is among the selected school board members and told Breitbart News that Edwards is among those scolding parents for expressing their frustration.

“Tom Edwards and Radical Liberal activists are pushing the narrative of blaming parents for hot tone at school board meetings, claiming indoctrination does not happen, and calling on frustrated parents fighting to protect their children from domestic terrorists,” she said.

“He and his extremist activists have declared themselves part of the ‘moderate majority’ in an attempt to deceive the public. At the same time, he prides himself on being a WOKE, being a strategist and working ‘inside’ to form alliances to advance his WOKE agenda.”

In a March interview with Breitbart News, Ziegler, who remained at the helm of the school board before the National Awakening, explained that left-wing school board members across the country are sticking to the playbook to bring up their extremist agenda items in an effort to maintain a monopoly on the education sector.

“When you get up there and get elected, you are automatically part of this association and they tell you your job is to support the supervisor. [It’s] It’s not about protecting, supporting or representing taxpayers or focusing on financial oversight or… it’s so much about having no opposition, or too much groupthink, or being compliant.”

She said later Breitbart News Saturday That “there’s evidence, and what I think a lot of people have realized now, as a result of a great parent waking up after COVID, the same playbook that’s happening in Sarasota County is happening all over the state and happening all over the country.”

“It depends very much on the indoctrination of local policy officials all the way to professional development [given] for teachers, and that turns out to indoctrinate our students with a very left and progressive agenda.”

The Sarasota School Board Race gets special attention, as it provides an opportunity for voters to flip the board. Of the district’s five school board seats, there are three, including Ziegler’s.

Last month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis released a list of endorsements for school boards across the Sunshine State, describing them as individuals who would put students and parents first, and fight against critical race theory (CRT) and radical gender ideology being brought into classrooms. His endorsements include Sarasota Ziggler, as well as Ruben Marinelli and Timothy Enos.

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