August 17, 2022

Former FOX 10 Phoenix announcer Carrie Lake.Illustration by Mother Jones. Christopher Brown / Zuma

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After a baseless spread Claims From election fraud in the Arizona gubernatorial primaries, Republican Carrie Lake won her party nomination. Donald Trump-backed candidate and former FOX 10 Phoenix broadcaster defeated real estate developer Karen Taylor Robson, who earned a… Confirmations From former Vice President Mike Pence and current Governor Doug Ducey and invest $15 million of her own money is in the campaign. Lake, a staunch supporter of The Big Lie, was Most likely candidate, building her campaign around Trump’s seal of approval — and supporting election deniers such as Representative Paul Gosar, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and Mike Lindell of May and Pillow. Lake campaigned on electoral conspiracy theories, anti-immigrant and pro-border enforcement rhetoric, and her repudiation of media outlets gave her a platform.

Lake announced that she is running for governor three months after ending her 22-year career with the Fox subsidiary. in video After publicly announcing her resignation, Lake said she no longer agreed with the direction the press was taking and that the media needed more balanced and diverse views. “Not everyone is dedicated to telling the truth,” she said, “but fortunately, many of you have found out.” “I promise you: if you hear it from my lips, it will be true.” continued a call The media “enemy of the people” appeared in a Campaign video Smashing televisions while vowing to take “a sledgehammer on left-wing lies and propaganda”. to her Transfers From TV personality to media personality looks like a strategy aimed at turning “a potential liability with Republican voters into an asset,” Melanie Mason said. Writes In the Los Angeles Times.

on different Occasions During the campaign, Lake behold In supposed attempts to steal the primaries, she refused to provide any evidence to support her claims. “I won’t make it clear,” she said recently He said in a radio show. “We’re on some very suspicious and possibly illegal stuff. We’re working on it. I don’t want to spoil the investigation.” Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which oversees elections in the state’s largest county, Call Her claims “go beyond irresponsibility.” As part of its Election Integrity Program, Lake Suggestion A ban on vote-counting machines.

In the past, Lake called to Prison Katie Hobbs, Arizona Secretary of State, a Democrat who ratified the results of the 2020 election and is now running for governor. The Daily Beast describe it Lake as “Figure A in the Trump team’s plan to install friendly governors in order to turn votes in his favor in 2024”.

On Wednesday, as the vote count continued, Lake again questioned her race. This did not stop her from announcing An early victory once I took the lead. “I am not satisfied with the way the election was conducted,” Lake Tell RealAmerica Audio. “We had major issues yesterday, major issues and they are being reported by ordinary voters. We have to fix our elections so that every Arizona citizen, whether Democrat, Independent, or Republican, when he sleeps on election night knows the winner and is satisfied that it was a fair election. We don’t have that now.”

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