August 12, 2022

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Leora Levy for membership in the U.S. Senate in Connecticut Thursday night ahead of the state’s upcoming primary on Tuesday.

Levy said she was “honored” to have Trump’s full and comprehensive endorsement.

“Thank you President Trump! I am honored to have your full and comprehensive support,” Levi chirp. “I am the only candidate who can beat Blumenthal and hold Joe Biden to account.”

Levy hopes to displace Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) in the November midterm elections. Trump had previously nominated Levy to be the US ambassador to Chile in 2019.

Trump called Levi to endorse her while at a campaign station attended by her opponents, Themis Clarides and Peter Lomag.

Trump attacked Blumenthal in his endorsement of Levy, calling the Democratic senator a “cynical idiot” for making up a “horrific fairy tale” about his military record.

Leora Levy is running to represent Greater Connecticut in the U.S. Senate,” Trump He said. “The current senator is an idiot to be mocked and laughed at, who for many years said he was a brave war hero in Vietnam, when the facts later revealed that he had never been to Vietnam.”

“Da Nang Deek is acting so holy and righteous when in fact he is a coward who has evaded this disgusting crime against our military for years,” Trump said. “He was ready to quit after finding out, tears running down his face, but he didn’t have the guts to leave the race in disgrace with the election only a few days away.”

Trump called on Connecticut voters to make Blumenthal “pay the price for what he did, and be terminated from the United States Senate.”

The former president praised Levy for having done a “marvelous job in life,” and noted her service on the Republican National Committee.

“In the Senate, you will work hard to grow the economy, secure borders, fight for energy independence, support our military and vets, champion election integrity, protect the Second Amendment, and fight violent and vicious crime, which are at the highest level in Connecticut history,” Trump said. “.

Trump also criticized Levy’s opponent, Themis Clarides, for being endorsed by “3 of the worst RINOs in the country.”

trump He said:

Her opponent, Themis Clarids, was approved by 3 of the worst RINOs in the country, Larry Hogan, who lost her candidate last night, Charlie Baker, who couldn’t come close to getting the Republican nomination in Massachusetts (Thank you, President Trump!), Quit, of course, by “dirty” Chris Christie, who left with the lowest approval rating of any governor in New Jersey history, and whose latest book set a record for lowest-ever sales per TV interview.

Clarids has the support of the Connecticut Republican Party.

Trump also called the Klarides for being weak on crime, the US military, veterans, and the Second Amendment.

“Miss. Clarids is weak on crime, weak on military and vets, and he won’t protect the Second Amendment under siege,” Trump said. “America has been accused of ‘systematic racism’ and, more importantly, has no chance of hitting Da Nang Deck despite his fake and fraudulent military career.”

“Leora Levy is a wonderful, hard-working, smart woman who will never let you down. You will defeat the rotten Richard Blumenthal in November, and what a victory it will be. Leora has earned my full and total endorsement.”

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at [email protected] or track it Twitter.

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