August 8, 2022

  • Trevor Reid was sentenced in Russia to nine years in prison in 2020 before being released in April.
  • Read was released through a prisoner exchange for a Russian pilot convicted of cocaine smuggling charges.
  • Reed said Grenier would have to face “another kangaroo court in Moscow” if she wanted to appeal.

A former US Marine who was held in Russia for nearly three years said Britney Grenier’s prison sentence was “clearly political”.

“No matter how you feel about the Britney Grenier case, this sentence is clearly political. There is no denying that,” Reed told CNN on Friday.

The WBNA star was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison Thursday on drug charges after she was accused of having less than a gram of cannabis oil in her bag.

In 2019, Reed was accused of assaulting two police officers and endangering their lives during an altercation.

A Russian court has previously sentenced Read to nine years in a concentration camp He was released in April through a prisoner exchange With Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian pilot who was serving a prison sentence in the United States for cocaine smuggling.

Reade said Greiner would have the opportunity to appeal Russia’s decision but would have to face “another court in Moscow”.

“After that trial, depending on Britney’s decision on whether or not she wants to appeal, she may remain in Moscow in the detention center she is already in until her appeal is finalized,” he told CNN. “Or if she chooses not to have an appeal, they can transfer her to a forced labor camp.”

The United States has proposed a prisoner exchange for Griner for convicted Russian arms dealer Victor Bout.

“Given the fact that the Russian government is considering exchanging it, they may also decide to leave it in Moscow to facilitate its return to the United States,” Reid said.

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