August 12, 2022

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Top news


Cambodia – ASEAN – US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Friday that Chinese military exercises targeting Taiwan and missiles fired at Japan’s exclusive economic zone represented a “major escalation”. China’s military exercises began following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan earlier this week that angered Beijing. Written by David Rising. Sent: 500 words, photo. With: Asia – Pelosi – US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in Tokyo that China will not isolate Taiwan by preventing US officials from traveling there. Chinese military exercises – Taiwan – China said it has summoned European diplomats in the country to protest statements from the Group of Seven and the European Union criticizing the threat of Chinese military exercises surrounding Taiwan. (I sent).

CONGRESS – BUDGET – Senate Democrats said they have reached agreement on their highest-priority economic legislation, removing a significant obstacle to moving the measure across the House in the coming days. Arizona Senator Kirsten Senema, a centrist that was seen as the pivotal vote, says she is ready to “move forward” with the bill. By Alan Fram. Submitted: 990 words, photo.

Economic Jobs Report – The US labor market has defied hyperinflation, rising interest rates, and growing recession fears. Month after month, US employers continued to add hundreds of thousands of workers. But economists are now concerned that signs of weakness are beginning to appear in employment, threatening one of the last bastions of US economic power. Job opportunities declined, and the number of Americans registered for unemployment benefits rose. Forecasters expect, on average, that the economy will have picked up another 250,000 jobs last month. That would be a flat number in normal times but a significant slowdown for 2022: Employers have employed an average of 457,000 workers per month so far this year. Written by Paul Wiseman. Sent: 1000 words, photo.

Russia, Ukraine and the war – The Turkish Ministry of Defense said that three more ships loaded with grain left Ukrainian ports and headed to Turkey for inspection. The three ships loaded a total of 58,000 tons of corn. Submitted: 200 words, photo.

NEWTOWN-SHOOTING-INFOWARS-JONES – Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has slipped through the first of several trials against him that could wipe out his personal fortune and media empire in his usual way: loud, aggressive and talking about conspiracies on and off the globe. court hall. Sent: 1,250 words, photo. WITH NEWTOWN-SHOOTING-INFOWARS – Alex Jones ordered to pay more than $4 million to Sandy Hook’s parents; NEWTOWN-SHOOTING-INFOWARS-PHONE – Sandy Hook’s attorney says the Jan. 6 panel requested text messages from Alex Jones (both sent).

AP-SAMANTHA POWER INTERVIEW – For Samantha Power, the top official in charge of US aid, explaining the role Russia’s war on Ukraine is playing in the worsening global food crisis is part of the mission – as is channeling billions of dollars in US humanitarian aid. the support. “We will not allow more lies to perpetuate,” Power, Administrator of the US Agency for International Development, tells The Associated Press. Written by Elaine Nikmeyer. Sent: 990 words, photo, video.


Russia and Ukraine war


Russia, Ukraine and war protest – Relatives of prisoners of war captured by Russians following the fall of Mariupol gathered in central Kyiv on Thursday to demand information about their husbands, fathers and sons following a strike on a prison housing prisoners of war in a breakaway region in the east of the country. Ukraine last week reportedly killed and wounded dozens. Sent: 980 words, photo.




Police said they are investigating a fatal shooting Thursday in a hotel room at the Mirage Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas police said on Twitter that one person had died. Posted: 50 words.

MEDIA-THE VIEW – ABC “The View” has selected two Republican members – Alyssa Farrah Griffin and Anna Navarro – as regular participants on the daytime talk show, nor fans of former President Donald Trump. Sent: 620 words, photo.

Gasoline – Assault – Hate – Crime – Police in suburban Denver say they are looking for a man who poured gasoline on two customers at a gas station after they confronted them because they spoke Spanish and “didn’t belong here,” according to the department’s statement. Sent: 230 words.


Washington / Politics


ELECTION 2022 – ARIZONA GOVERNOR – Carrie Lake, a former news anchor who walked away from her journalistic career and was embraced by Donald Trump and his supporters, won the Republican primary for governor of Arizona. Written by Jonathan J. Cooper. Sent: 820 words, photo.

Elections 2024 – Democratic Primary Elections – Democrats may move toward changing the presidential nomination process starting in 2024. They are prepared to push Iowa off the lead as part of a broader effort to allow early primaries to be held in overwhelmingly white states. Better reflect the party’s diverse electorate. Written by Will Weissert and Thomas Beaumont. Sent: 1330 words, photo.

Election 2022 – Wisconsin – Governor – Republicans hope to reclaim an apparently important governor’s seat in Wisconsin this year over Rebecca Cliffish, who spent eight years as successor to former Governor Scott Walker. Then a wealthy construction company owner jumped into the race, threw $12 million of his own money into the race and won the support of Donald Trump. by Scott Bauer. Sent: 1060 words, photo.

CONGRESS-IRS — The Internal Revenue Service, one of Washington’s favorite beating bags, may finally get the resources it has requested from Congress if Democrats focus their economic package on energy and health care on the finish line. Written by Kevin Friking. Sent: 850 words, photo.

The Insulin Price Explainer – Curbing high insulin prices has been elusive in Congress so far, although Democrats say they will try again as part of their economic package focused on health and climate. Why is insulin so expensive? Written by Amanda Seitz. Submitted: 720 words, photo.

Election 2022 – Tennessee – Far-right candidate Andy Uglis won the crowded Republican primary in Tennessee for an open congressional seat in Nashville. Meanwhile, the Democratic race for governor is still too early to call. Sent: 750 words, photo.

Election 2022 – Wyoming Dick Cheney – Former Vice President Dick Cheney slams Donald Trump in a new campaign video for his daughter, Representative Liz Cheney, calling him a “coward” and saying there’s never been anyone “more threat to us”. Republic “from the former president. Sent: 530 words, photo.


the National


WEST FIRE – A small Washington state town has been evacuated due to a fast-moving blaze that burned down six homes, as crews in California made progress battling the deadliest and largest wildfire in the state this year. Submit: 790 words, photo, video.

ANCHORAGE-HISTORICAL-THEATER-DEMOLITION – Demolition is set to begin this week on the once-lavish downtown Anchorage movie theater designed by the architect of Hollywood’s famous Pantages Theater. Sent: 980 words, photo.

HAWAII-CONTAMINATED-WATER — The Honolulu Water Supply Board says it discovered a small amount of a naturally occurring chemical in coal, crude oil and gasoline in a monitoring well near a Navy fuel storage facility that spilled jet fuel last year. Sent: 460 words, photo.




Iraq Supporters and Clerics – Khalil Ibrahim’s four sons are among thousands of followers of an influential Shiite cleric who protested outside Iraq’s parliament after storming the building last week in a stunning move that pushed the country into a new era of political instability. Submitted: 990 words, photo.

Israel – Palestine – Banks – A lost painting by British graffiti artist Banksy has resurfaced in a luxury art gallery in downtown Tel Aviv, an hour’s drive and a world away from the concrete wall in the occupied West Bank where it was first sprayed. Written by Ilan Ben Zion and Isaac Scharf. Sent: 980 words, picture

Cambodia – ASEAN – US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said China’s military exercises targeting Taiwan, including missiles fired at Japan’s exclusive economic zone, represented a “significant escalation”. Sent: 530 words, photo. With Cambodia – ASEAN – Myanmar – Southeast Asian countries criticize Myanmar, but they are weaker than expected (Submitted).

Thailand – Pop-Fire – At least 13 people were killed and dozens injured when a fire broke out in a crowded music bar in eastern Thailand, police and rescue workers said. Sent: 460 words, photo.

Virus-Outbreak-Germany – Germany’s health minister, an epidemiologist by training who has led the country’s fight against COVID-19 since December, has tested positive for coronavirus. Submit 200 words.


Health Sciences


SPACEX-SOUTH KOREA-MOON – South Korea has joined the lunar scramble by launching a lunar orbiter that will discover future landing sites. The satellite launched by SpaceX is on a long, winding path to conserve fuel and will arrive in December. Sent: 430 words, photo.


business economy


TWITTER-MUSK LAWSUIT — Twitter has denied in a lawsuit that it deprived its potential owner, billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, of necessary information or misrepresentation about its business. Musk originally brought these charges to justify his attempt to back off a $44 billion deal to buy the social platform, which he later claimed was infested with far more “spam bots” and fake accounts than Twitter revealed. Sent: 430 words, photo.

Financial Markets – Asian stock markets rallied ahead of the US jobs market update, while the Federal Reserve considers whether more interest rate hikes are needed to cool rising inflation. Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney advanced. US futures and oil prices rose. Sent: 530 words, photo.

Indian Economy – India’s central bank on Wednesday raised its key interest rate by 50 basis points to 5.4% in the third such increase since May as it focuses on containing inflation. Sent: 460 words, photo.




Film – Easter Sunday – billed as the first major American studio movie to feature all-Filipino actors, “Easter Sunday” is another expression of comedian Joe Coy’s love of his heritage. The film’s arrival is another indication of the growing influence of Filipino Americans in mainstream culture. Sent: 980 words, photo.




RUSSIA Greiner – A judge in Russia has convicted WNBA star Britney Greiner and sentenced her to nine years in prison for drug possession and smuggling. Greiner’s detention time since her arrest in February will count toward the sentence. Greiner apologized to her family and teams during closing arguments in the drug possession trial. Sent: 1200 words, photo. With: BKL— Brittney Griner-Timeline; BKL — Mercury-Sun-Griner (Submitted).

FBN – WATSON-LEGAL CASES – An attorney representing two dozen women who have accused Deshaun Watson of sexual assault or harassment said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has a chance to “do the right thing” now that the league has resumed a six-game suspension for quarterbacks. Written by Kristi Ricken. Sent: 660 words, photo. With FBN-Watson-Appeal (Sender).

BKW – Equal Pay Collegiate Referees The NCAA won commendation last year when it agreed to pay referees in men’s and women’s basketball tournaments equally. The gesture only cost about $100,000, a fraction of the roughly $900 million networks pay annually to broadcast March Madness. Now, as the NCAA studies the different differences between men’s and women’s sports, pressure is also growing to pay referees evenly during the regular season. Written by basketball writer Doug Feinberg. Coming up: 1,130 words, pictures by 4 a.m.


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