August 17, 2022

91 percent of the French are behind the deportation of radical Islamist imams who deliver sermons and sermons that contradict France’s republican values.

The data comes from a poll published this week by the CSA Institute, in which 91 percent of respondents seem to agree that foreign imams who deliver sermons and deliver sermons contrary to the values ​​of the French Republic should be expelled from the country.

Among those over the age of 65, 98 percent agreed to deport radical imams, while the number dropped to just 72 percent among those aged 18-25.

Politically, supporters of the left-wing France Insoumise were the least supportive of deporting radical imams, but a majority, 71 percent, still supported the idea. On the right, supporters of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) were almost unanimous in support of deportation, while supporters of the center-right Les Republics supported the idea 100 percent.

The poll comes as extremist preacher Imam Hasan Ekweusen is set to be deported from France for delivering sermons deemed incompatible with French values, with Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announcing his deportation last week, according to CNews. Reports.

Ekweusen, who is of Moroccan origin, tried to appeal the deportation decision to the European Court of Human Rights, but His case was rejected by the European Court on Thursday.

During his sermons, Ekweusen was accused of advocating hatred, particularly against members of the Jewish community, with Minister Darmanin accusing him of “publicly anti-Semitic statements, openly xenophobic, openly homophobic, and openly anti-women”.

While Ekweusen was born in France, Minister Darmanin stated that he had not applied for French citizenship.

The case comes as another radical imam in Sweden faces hate crime charges over his sermons that have also targeted the Jewish community over the past two years.

It is said that the imam in the name of Mahmoud claimed that the Jews run the West and described Muslims who collude with the Jews as “traitors”. He will face trial next month in Malmö.

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