August 17, 2022

first month With a sales quota September 2008 was – not the best month for a 21-year-old to start his career by calling strangers and persuading them to buy a $10,000 piece of software. The economy was in free fall, companies were cutting workforces across the country and all budgets were frozen.

Against all odds, I ended up doing well. Well enough to be the best salesperson in the world (out of nearly 1000) and break the 10-year record for most sales in one year. How? After working on Obama’s first presidential campaign from 2006-2008, I had a new perspective on how to sell. One that works regardless of whether we are in a bear market or a bull market.

There is a huge opportunity in a recession to increase revenue. But first, you have to radically change the way you approach sales.

In times of economic downturn, money saved is worth more than money earned.

Here are some quick tips for founders and salespeople to help keep SAAS revenue growing during these trying times.

Adapt your sales presentation to the current market

When capital is cheap, growth is the primary metric that all CEOs and investors aim for. Over the past decade, capital has never been cheaper.

But all this has changed. Today, companies are unable to spend more than they earn. This means your old promo “We can help you grow faster than ever!” It must also change. The new message that will resonate is, “Let’s make more of your existing resources!”

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