August 16, 2022

The Mall of America was put under lockdown Thursday evening after the shooting in what police described as an “isolated incident” at a Bloomington, Minnesota, shopping mall. It was not clear if anyone had been injured.

Videos posted on social media showed police responding with guns as panicked shoppers ran for safety.

Mall of America is currently closed, the mall chirp After 5 pm local time. “There is a confirmed isolated incident in a rented premises.”

In a tweet at 5:40pm, Bloomington Police confirmed the shooting, and that the suspect had fled the mall on foot. Police added that the mall was “secured”.

“At this time, we have not located the victim,” police wrote.

Police added around the same time that the Mall of America was “in the process” of lifting the closure, but that the facility would remain closed overnight.

Witness description of CBS Minnesota Hear gunshots.

“We were about to go to the Nike store, and we heard a lot of noise, and then we just looked and heard pop, pop, pop,” said Giudice-Pierre. “You duck and then you run, but while you run, you look back to make sure your family is okay. That’s what I did because I was with my family, I had to make sure they were okay. Then we just ran to the nearest exit.”

This is an evolving story. It will be updated.

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