December 7, 2022

A retired police lieutenant allegedly shot and killed an officer while he was training at a library in Washington, D.C., on Thursday afternoon. Metropolitan Police Chief Robert J. Conte said it was not clear how and why the shooting happened During a press conference.

Authorities responded to the shooting at the Anacostia Library at about 3:30 p.m., and found the library officer to be shot, Conte said. She was taken to the area hospital, where she died.

The shooting occurred at the end of a course for the ASP Batons, which Conte described as an extendable stick. The training was in a library basement room, Conte said, adding that about six people were in the room at the time of the shooting. The lieutenant leading the training, who retired from the Metropolitan Police Department two years ago, allegedly fired the fatal shot.

Conte said it was not clear why a loaded weapon would be present in training. The retired lieutenant was taken to the homicide office for questioning. The police chief added that authorities were still not sure what caused the shooting or how it happened.

“Once again, it is a very tragic situation we are dealing with here, and our condolences to the deceased library police officer and their entire agency,” Conte said.

The police chief did not identify the victim or suspect.

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