February 7, 2023

What did we test

A stack of mattress covers awaits the test of the best upper mattress in 2022.

James Braines / Insider

We tested 20 mattress covers for this guide. These are the ones who missed the cut.

What do we recommend and why:

Bed linen under $150

Allswell 4 inch Memory Foam: CertiPUR-US certified copper gel-coated memory foam cap was mid-pack in every test, making it a solid product, but nothing that sets it apart. It was easy to install, affordable, and stayed in place on the bed. Unfortunately, it does not come with a warranty.

SensorBidi® Bamboo Charcoal Infused Memory Foam: If our budget pick isn’t available, we highly recommend choosing this cover, especially if you suffer from back pain. When I started the test, my back pain was escalating, but after two nights in this, I felt great. Our guide wasn’t because he wasn’t particularly good at cooling, and there is no trial period.

Bed linen under $300

Bear Pro: Previously, the Bear Pro Topper was our pick for the best cooling mattress pad. It’s made of CertiPUR-US certified copper-filled foam, stays in place well, and has excellent pressure relief. However, our new product with a cooling cap, GhostBed, was better at dissipating heat. Still, we think the Bear Pro is a great premium if you can find it in stock.

Cooling nest bed: This top didn’t live up to its name, holding on to the heat as soon as I woke up. It also has poor insulation for movement. The sleep was comfortable, however, is made in the US with CertiPUR-US certified foam, and it didn’t move around on the bed. It’s on the softer side, so it might be a good choice for side sleepers who prefer a higher pillow feel.

Slumber Cloud Core: This pad has been at least as good in every test we’ve done. It fits on your mattress like a fitted sheet, keeping it in place, and it’s also easy to clean. They were comfortable, supportive, and provided great insulation for movement. The biggest downside is the relatively short 180-day warranty. In addition, it was only in the middle of the pack when cooling and dissipating heat.

Bed linen under $500

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt + Cooling: This is supposed to be an advanced and better cooling version of our best product for back pain, but it didn’t perform well in our tests. Despite its name, it was inferior in cooling and costing over $100 more than other Tempur-Pedic toppings. However, it was comfortable to sleep in, had a removable, machine-washable cover, and was backed by a 10-year warranty.

graphite sattva: We almost included this top in our guide, but it wasn’t the best in any of our categories. Its average strength was comfortable and supportive for sleep, regardless of my position. It does a good job of dissipating heat and features straps to secure it to your bed. However, it still turns, and the upper part has poor insulation for movement.

Birch from Helix Blush Organic: The birch top is like our best overall pick. Both are handcrafted in the USA using organic latex, cotton and wool with all kinds of eco-friendly certifications. However, although the birch was comfortable, I enjoyed the avocado the most. If avocados are not available, this is a good alternative.

Mattress covers over $1500

air mattress topper: Until recently, the Airweave cover was our pick for the best mattress pad. However, when the already exorbitant price tag almost doubled, it lost its place in our guide. The Airweave is still a great product, but at this price point you can buy a whole new mattress. Toppers that make your mattress firmer are a rarity, and we will continue to look for a good, affordable alternative.

What we do not recommend and why:

Totally warm smart top: I really wanted to like this hat. Uses small fans to boost airflow to keep you cool (or warm) through the night. The app lets you customize your experience, even heating the top layer to wake you up in the morning. Unfortunately, it is not very comfortable to sleep on it, as if it is really uncomfortable. It reminded me of sleeping on a sofa bed, with its hard places. I’m interested in testing future iterations of this top because the company (hopefully) makes it more comfortable.

Cover Eight Sleep Pod Pro with PerfectFit: The great thing about Eight Sleep Cover is that it makes your bed as hot or cold as you want it to be. It pumps water between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit through the top to keep you cool or warm. The app tracks your sleep, and you can set the temperature to help you sleep through the night and wake up in the morning. We initially recommended the Pod Pro, but after less than a month of use it leaked, ruining the mattress it was covering.

Lucid Memory Foam Gel: This top is incredibly soft, like our budget pick. Because it’s made of resilient foam, you sink into it, which makes it hard to change position at night or get up in the morning. We recommend going with the budget pick instead due to its superior cooling and motion isolation properties.

PlushBeds natural wool: The PlushBeds upper was the only model we tested that had a fleece insert. It is handcrafted in the USA and chemical free. However, it smelled unpleasant, and the smell did not go away. It also traps heat and was too soft for comfort.

DualTemp Single Layer Sleep Number: The sleep number mattress And the AirFit pillow Among my favorites, I had high hopes of winning first place but I was disappointed. Pumps air through the top for heating or cooling based on your preference. I found it didn’t do well on cooling and wasn’t comfortable. I was expecting more at this price point.

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